Lightbox Continues Through August!

It’s so hard to believe that this is the last month of August.

We photographers have been hard at work.  Please do grab your iced-tea (probably the last iced tea for the month) and enjoy looking through our circle.

Anna Robertson of Lifestop Photos

Amy Pogrebin Bremenstuhl of Sticky Mango Photos


Sonia Epple of Sonia Epple Fotographie

There Goes July!

This summer has been incredibly busy for us  So busy that two of us completely forgot about putting together our blog for the summer.  Do enjoy looking at these two amazing photographers.  One is practically done building her house ( Anna Robertson of Life l Stop Photography) and the other just moved into a new home (Sonia Epple of Sonia Epple Photography).  Do grab a cool lemonade and just enjoy being in awe with the two photographers.

Anna Robertson of Life l Stop Photography

Sonia Epple of Sonia Epple Photography

June Has Come And Gone. The Stories Continue.

blog circle logoHello dear friends.

It’s so hard to believe that June has past us already.  For many of us, it means that children are home for the summer.  It means the daylight lasts longer, children are up later, families spend more time together.

We have three photographers this month again.  Our friend, Anna Robertson of Light Stop Photos is away on vacation.  But, feel free to check out her blog.

Have fun looking at images from Lightbox Stories 🙂

Amy Pogrebin Bremenstuhl
Sticky Mango Photos



Rachel Fann
Season’s of Life Photography


Sonia Epple
Sonia Epple Fotografie

Lightbox Stories: Spring-ish Month of May (Volume V)

blog circle logoThere’s something magical about having us, storytellers through the lens, come together once a month.  We each get to know each other more intimately as the months come and go.  We love sharing our life with you, dear reader.  One of our storytellers went away on a vacation so she will not be seen in the circle this month.  We’ve missed you Sonia Epple.

As it gets deeper into spring, the colors just become more vibrant.  People are outside much more.  Oh my, the lights, the lights, the lights and shadows are just enchanting.  Do take the time to relax for a few moments and enjoy going around the circle.

Rachel Fann l Seasons of Life


Anna Robertson l Life l Stop Phototography


Amy Pogrebin Bremenstuh l Sticky Mango Photos


May you all enjoy your even more sunnier days of June.

Love From Us All,

Lightbox Stories

April Has Come And Gone

blog circle logo
Wow.  Another month has come and gone.
April brought on rain, sun, and more outdoor photos.
The storytellers continue to share their stories.
Always so impressive.
I’m just in continuous awe of how all of our photos change as the seasons change.
Be sure to complete the blog circle so you can get a glimpse of the stories we live in.

Amy Pogrebin Bremenstuhl

Sticky Mango Photos


Anna April

Rachel Fann

Season of Life Photography

rachel april

Sonia Epple

Sonia Epple Fotografiesonia april

Thank you for visiting our blog.

Have a most beautiful day.

Love From All the Photographers from Lightbox Stories.

The Third Month: Spring Is In The Air

blog circle logoIt’s so hard that two months have already passed and that we’re now into the third month of the year.  It’s amazing how much the vernal equinox (aka spring) changes our photos.  It may be more obvious for two of us who have true four seasonal changes.  But you can sense spring is in the air through the looks of the children’s faces, the clothes, the way the sun shines and even through color.

It’s been such a fun journey for all of us.  Be sure to follow the circle to check out each of our stories — so different yet you can feel the love we have for our children, our husband and just for life.




Anna Robertson

anna march

Rachel Fann


Amy Pogrebin Bremenstuhl


Sonia Epple

sonia march

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Circle One: January

blog circle logo

Welcome to the first blog circle of LightBox Stories! We are all photographers who enjoy capturing our own messy, raw, organic, and honest stories through the images of our life.  We have all committed to the journey of completing a 365 project, capturing one image a day to tell our story.   Please get comfortable, grab a warm cup, and enjoy clicking through each story, we are glad your are here.

Sonia Epple


Amy Pogrebin Bremenstuhl


Rachel Fann


Anna Robertson